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“ThingLink”-Image Story-telling

Written By: Paula Neidlinger

Attention all visual learners……. 

-imagine discovering the world of information through the click of an image!……….

Last year, I discovered an incredible 2.0 site that is both student and teacher friendly.  If you’ve yet to get your hands dirty this year- dig into ThingLink.  This “image” site, is an incredible tool, which allows the user to link videos, podcasts, music, information, and sites to an image.

*  Yes, it’s simple to use.  Upload an image and begin adding links.

*  Yes, you can embed the image into a website or link it to yet another site.

*  Yes, students can easily maneuver through the site and create their own informational images.

*  Yes, it’s FREE!!!


This week, I created ThingLinks to connect individual student websites through class images.  Each image is embedded into my “Student ePortfolio/Website” tab on our class website.

Here’s a preview……………..


1st hour- 7th grade LA


2nd hour- 8th gr LA



4th hour- 7th gr LA 


 5th hour- 7th gr LA


6th hour- 8th gr LA



How have you utilized ThingLink in the classroom?





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