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Written By: Paula Neidlinger

Welcome to the home page of my radio and television portion of Mass Media.  This class encompasses a Media 1 & 2 class.  I’ve provided an overview about the class below.  Please return often for posts about ideas, lessons, and curriculum you can employ in your media class. Please share ideas in the comment section below, as this is a newer curricular area for many schools.

Our program is called: LJH DIGITAL STORM

“Preparing self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community.”

MASS MEDIA 1- 9 weeks course

This introductory course explores pre-production, production, and post-production in the wide and varied fields of mass media. The major media studied are journalism, Storm Radio, photography, social media, marketing and advertising, television and film production. Students will develop writing, verbal, and directing skills through the use of computers, video and audio editing, collaboration, and live and location camera shooting as they produce works in each of the major areas of study. Adobe Photoshop, I-Movie, and Final Cut Pro are introduced, and students develop basic techniques within these programs. Television Production is centered around learning how to write and produce a television show for the LJH daily announcements.  The course begins with learning the technology in the Control Room.


MASS MEDIA 2-  (Prerequisite- Mass Media 1- semester course)

This advanced course focuses on script writing, filmmaking, Storm TV production, Storm Radio, website design, advanced journalism, photography, computer graphics, social media, and marketing/advertising promotions. Students apply advanced video techniques in the areas of pre-production, production, and post-production as they plan, produce, and edit their own videos/movies and television and radio shows. Adobe Photoshop, I-Movie, and Final Cut Pro are reviewed, and students develop advanced techniques within these programs.  Television Production will include producing news segments for airing, writing a script, shooting the segment and post production editing.  The main focus will be on the writing, producing, editing, and oral reporting of pertinent and current issues facing the students, community and the world through the various vehicles of mass media.

I’ve provided a list of media links connected with our program.  If you have any questions, please comment below.

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