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Storm Radio Golden Microphone Winners Emerge

Written By: Paula Neidlinger - Mar• 09•15



This past weekend, the 75th Annual IBS National Broadcasting Conference focusing on New Trends in School/College Radio/TV/Webcasting was held at Hotel Pennsylvania, in New York City, New York. newyorkB74uW4wIcAA7lV9.jpg_large The conference  featured over 150 speakers, over 100 sessions and tours, and 1,400 attendees from all over the world!

microphoneB4nzhWTCAAAVdki.jpg_largeThe highlight of the weekend was the IBS High School Golden Microphone Trophy Awards.  Over 200 IBS Golden and Silver Microphones were presented at a ceremony Saturday evening to both high school and college students and radio stations.

Lincoln is currently the only junior high radio station broadcasting 24/7 in the United States.  The radio has been on-air since September of this year.  Additionally, this is the first year participating in the IBS awards, as Storm Radio is part of the IBS network.awardsB_h75kLWEAEBQ7o.jpg_large

Five Storm Radio student groups were announced as finalists in the high school division two months ago, representing the top 5% in the country.  Three LJH 1st place winners emerged this past weekend.  Congratulations to the following national winners:

*  Best Spot News:  Trenton Arveson, Nikki Laucis, and Brittney Klotz

*  Best Sports Update:  Soren Houin & Shaun Frantz

*  Best Sports Program:  Adam Hunter & Korey Kopetski

Additionally, the following students were recognized as finalists and will be receiving trophies as well. Best Campus News:  Macy Carter and Elexus Whiteman; and Best Sports Update:  Kelsey Owen and Carly Poczik.

Storm Radio, is one part of the Interactive Media program at  Lincoln Junior High, which is a new program at Lincoln this year.  The radio station is 24/7 Internet Radio with the call tag – STORM RADIO- “Ride the Waves.”  The radio station is Internet based, so it’s available through the TuneIn App on IOS devices, the LJH DigitalStorm website- , and the Internet –  Students research, write, create, and broadcast daily and provide 100 percent of the programming.

A BIG THANK YOU TO……………. BACKBONE RADIObackbonenetworkB_cp54NU0AASYhy

Through Backbone auto-rotation software, we are able to access our automation system from anywhere and make changes to our library, playlists and schedules with just our Mac and an Internet connection. Most importantly, we have a Global audience. We are able to reach listeners worldwide with our “live, local” shows and spread the news about our community and school, via phones, tablets, computers and car radios.


Have you considered developing a school radio station?

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