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The New TriCaster Has Arrived!

Written By: Paula Neidlinger - Jan• 27•17

Our Mass Media program has evolved over the last three years.  We are very fortunate to have a television studio available in our middle school, in addition to a 24/7 Internet radio station, which is in its third year on-air.  During the past year we have begun an overhaul in the studio, which has been upgraded primarily through grants, corporation and sponsorship money.

After much research, our school system purchased the TriCaster 460 Series through NewTek for our television studio at Lincoln Junior High.  I observed other schools using the system and was completely taken back by the potential of this system, not to say, the real-world application of television/video production.

Although our mass media program is fortunate enough to have an actual studio, this system is basically a television in a box, and can be utilized in the smallest of studios.  The difference the system has made in production anesthetics thus far is amazing.  Middle school students are running the board independently after only a couple of weeks.

The TriCaster system offers several models, ranging from the mini to a very expansive unit.  The 460, which we purchased, is a 4-camera video production system with a 16 channel video switcher. Additionally, it has an integrated audio mixer, media players, titles, graphics, and DVE effects built into the system.  It is a mid-range mobile and studio production system- perfect for our school program.

Although we’re still in upgrading process, I’ve attached some photos below of the system.  Additionally, I’ve linked our latest show, which really provides an eye-opening preview of the virtual sets and potential the system has.  I’d like to give a shout to Randall Tomes of Crestview Elementary in Indianapolis, In.  I spent a day observing his students using the TriCaster Mini, who range from kindergarten to sixth grade.  I’ve linked their announcement page as well.






If you are currently using the TriCaster in your school, I’d love to share ideas, tips, lessons etc….    Thanks for watching- and stay tuned for more media news from Literacy ShopTalk.

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  1. Kathleen Drew says:

    Hi Paula! I am teaching middle school business ed/web design and they also just gave me TV production! All the equipment is foreign and the last teacher is no longer there! We have the Newtek TriCaster 4 I believe. I’d love any tips you can give me, or ideas on how you run your classes. I have 1 class of 6th graders and 1 class of 7-8th graders! Thanks!

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