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What Did I Learn Today?

Written By: Paula Neidlinger - Oct• 17•14

socrates“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~ Socrates



Another #ICEIndiana has come to a close.  What did you learn? …….




Did you listen to Sylvia Martinez’s (@smartinez)  passion for “making” in our classrooms at the pre- ICE Dinner on Wednesday night?  Sylvia’s message resounded loudly;  we need to provide authentic learning opportunities in our classrooms through student-centered and project-based learning environments.  Additionally, we must bridge the gap in gender equity in technology, computer programming, and encourage life-long learning.



IMG_4224Completely awed by the “maker lab” that was constructed by our #ICEIndiana board this year, I played, created, imagined, and inquired for hours.  I found myself plastered to the “light-up jewelry” table.  Yes, I created my own blinking necklace.  No directions, no protocol, no time limit, no preconceived product.  Yes, I want my own “maker lab.”IMG_4222







Thursday’s Keynote with Dave Burgess (@burgessdave ), was a “treasure” of motivating and inspiring ideas for student engagement in the classroom. If you haven’t had the opportunIMG_4221ity to read his New York Times Best-Selling book, Teach Like a Pirate, there’s no time like the present.  Dressed in his pirate garb, Dave mesmerized the audience with his highly motivating and outrageous style of teaching.  What stuck with me most?  ….  the phrase- “It’s easy for you.  You’re _____.” How many times have we heard a student blatantly throw that sentence in our face or at another student.  Wow!  I instantly thought of two times just this past week.  Time to “Think Like a Pirate!”


Although I read his book this past year, as part of our #INelearn Book Club, I perused through Dave’s “pirating” ideas again last night.  Yes, he had my wheels turning once again.  His message deserves all of our attention.  Thanks, Dave!


**  I also encourage you to take a look at Don Wettick’s (@DonWettick) new book, Pure Genius- Building a Culture of Innovation.  Don’s book takes 20 percent time to the next level by empowering the next generation to be free thinkers through innovation, collaboration, inspiration, and life-changing opportunities for learning.  Yes, I purchased Don’s book yesterday as well.

Friday …. the learning continued

Kevin Honeycutt graced the stage as Friday’s keynote.  You don’t need to be an art, band, or music teacher in order to integrate Kevin Honeycutt’s (@kevinhoneycutt ) message of leading creative adventures in the classroom through #soulselfie , ArtSnacks, Beamz App (@Beamz), Jam Stick, or Ion All-Star I-pad guitar.  Be sure to visit his site and hear his message- “Our kids will spend the rest of their lives in the future.  Are we getting them ready?”


#IceIndiana had something for everyone this year.  You could….
*  flip your technology PD
*  transform your Google classroom
*  embed digital citizenship
*  Chromercize your instruction
*  connect literacy digitally
*  explore digital curriculum
*  Pin It with Pinterest
*  empower student-centered learning
*  Tweet, tweet, tweet
*  differentiate your instruction
*  play with coding and robotics
*  and this is just a taste of #ICEIndiana 14


I had the honor of presenting this year as well.  You can access my presentations right here at Literacy ShopTalk.

Communicate and Collaborate


Thinking Critically

Let’s Go Googling

Tools, Tools, Tools

Educational Resources

Constructive Conversation

What did you learn at #ICEIndiana this year?  Share your experiences here at Literacy ShopTalk.

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