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How Do ePortfolios Enable Global Learning?

Written By: pneid - May• 15•14

Neidlinger’s ePortfolio Classroom Journey…………. 

skyWriting became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say. ~Sharon O’Brien


Students, must be encouraged to create accounts of their lives from different perspectives, different points of view, and to elicit and listen to the responses of peers.

Digital Portfolio in the simplest terms…’s never too early to begin the journey!!!

How have ePortfolios enabled global learning in my classroom this year?


Reflection- What have we accomplished this year…..

*  All 7th and 8th grade students at Lincoln Junior High have constructed ePortfolios through Blogger.

*  Over 600 students are now implementing their ePortfolios in all curricular areas.

*  I have designed an ePortfolio student template that all teachers and students can utilize when constructing their site via Blogger

*  I have created ePortfolio/Blogger Tutorials, which all teachers and students can utilize during construction phases- Tutorials

*  I have created a Blogging Challenge and site, Teach2blog, for my students, which has enabled global learning and communicating with students from around the world.

*  My students are:

a.  Interacting & Collaborating by- collecting, selecting, reflecting, directing/goals, and presenting
b.  Connecting Socially by- connecting (“friending”), sharing (posting/linking/tagging), listening (reading), and responding (commenting).
b.  Connecting Digitally by- archiving, linking/thinking, digital storytelling, collaborating, and publishing.  


“It’s like a Digital Map of your learning,” exclaimed Gillian.

“I literally construct websites for fun now,” giggled Trey. 

“I’m blogging with students from all over the world.  I have several from Australia, which is exciting,” stated Samantha Z. 

“I plan to continue adding to my ePortfolio next year in high school; it will be helpful when applying for college,” reiterated Samantha P.


I couldn’t have said it better.  On May 5, at the Plymouth School Board meeting, seven of my students had the honor of presenting their ePortfolios.  Each shared their personal insight into the process and showcased specific highlights of their educational journey.  It was exciting to hear the passion for writing and blogging roll from their tongues one by one.

The ePortfolios listed below, were presented during the school board meeting.


Front Row: 

Katy S.- 7th-

Samantha Z.- 7th-

Samantha P.- 8th-

Trey H.- 8th-

Gillian R.- 7th-

Back Row:

Olyvia C.- 7th-



From the PROCESS-

YOU will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process.
YOUR self esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as YOU take control of YOUR learning.
YOU may develop YOUR own goals for YOUR learning.
YOU will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
YOU will learn and begin to practice a process that will be used in life-long and life-wide learning pursuits.
from the PRODUCT:
YOU will have a tool for personal development.
YOU will have a personal learning record.
YOU will have a tool for feedback from teachers and peers; feedback in the form of comments, as opposed to marks.
YOU will have a concrete way of showcasing strengths to teachers or future employers.
YOU will have an extremely portable tool to use no matter where YOU are in the world.

EPortfolios are essential for 21st Century Literacy, because they give you the
opportunity to build a positive digital identity and establish your own
online, unique self.


How have ePortfolios enabled global learning in your classroom?  Share your journey.





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